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Welcome to Writing Resources for Graduate Students.

Following extensive research and analysis, a Graduate School Task Force on Graduate Student Writing has issued a set of recommendations for initiatives aimed at helping graduate students solve writing problems and at improving the overall quality of graduate student writing across campus.

The Task Force recommended, as a first step, creating a website for writing resources. After consultation with focus groups of graduate students, we developed and are pleased to introduce the following Writing Resources website. It addresses not only rudiments of writing such as grammar and organization, but also broader topics such as motivation and dealing with writer’s block.

The material on this website ranges from general and abstract writing issues common to many disciplines to specific and concrete issues peculiar to individual disciplines and sub-disciplines. It also includes writing samples from a number of campus graduate programs.

Since recreating materials already available makes little sense, we have focused on providing and organizing links to the many existing websites that offer excellent articles and tutorials on academic writing. We hope that you will find these resources of interest and value.

The Writing Resources site is a work in progress. We encourage feedback from faculty, students, and staff, and we encourage programs from across campus to send us an even greater diversity of samples that we can make available to the UM graduate community.

Thank you.
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Charles Caramello
Dean, The Graduate School

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