Electronic Thesis and Dissertations (ETD) at UM

What is an Electronic Thesis or Dissertation?

The University of Maryland, College Park has entered into an agreement with Proquest Information and Learning Services to accept Theses and Dissertations in Adobe PDF format via the World Wide Web. The University accepts 99% of all dissertations and theses in electronic form.

The submission process is as follows:

  1. After your defense, you submit your thesis or dissertation document directly to Proquest’s University of Maryland Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) site, located at http://dissertations.umi.com/umd.

  2. The Office of the Registrar then evaluates your document online for formatting and legibility, according to the standards set forth in the Thesis and Dissertation Style Guide. If corrections are needed, you will receive an email from the Office of the Registrar detailing what needs to be done.

  3. Once you make all your necessary formatting corrections, the Office of the Registrar will accept the document and begin the graduation clearance process.

  4. After this process is complete, the Office of the Registrar “delivers” the documents officially to Proquest, who logs, indexes, and publishes them on Digital Dissertations, a nationwide clearinghouse of Theses and Dissertations, to which the vast majority of U.S. Theses and Dissertations are submitted.

  5. The Office of the Registrar also delivers thesis and dissertation documents to the UM Library’s DRUM (Digital Repository at the University of Maryland) Archive for online publication. DRUM is an open-access archive accessible by everyone.


Graduate School deadlines for Thesis and Dissertation submission are listed on our website under Current Students (General Information). These deadlines indicate the date by which your academically complete document must be submitted to the system. An academically complete document is one to which all examining committee-ordered revisions have been made.

As long as your academically complete document is submitted by the deadline (even without correct Graduate School formatting), it is considered to have met the deadline. Any formatting changes requested by the Office of the Registrar can be made after the ETD editors evaluate your document during the submission process.

Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Style Guide

The Graduate School’s requirements for all Theses and Dissertations are outlined in detail in the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Style Guide. Anyone submitting a Thesis or Dissertation document should consult this document prior to beginning the ETD process. Please click here to download a PDF of the 2014 ETD Style Guide.

The ETD Style Guide outlines the electronic formatting required by the Graduate School and the ETD submission process. The Style Guide also includes a section on formatting your document with Microsoft Word.

Special Cases

Please note there are special requirements for electronic Theses and Dissertations in the departments listed below. Please consult the ETD Style Guide for more information and requirements.

The Department of Art
The Department of Art History and Archaeology
The School of Music
The Department of Theatre Dance and Performance Studies


Thesis and Dissertation Templates for MS Word

These are beta versions of documents intended to assist students in completing their Thesis or Dissertation at the University of Maryland. The Template comes pre-formatted to Graduate School standards; the Template Instructions offer detailed assistance on using the documents. If you would like to use the Template / Instructions, please download it and email any feedback to registrar-graduate@umd.edu Your comments are welcomed and encouraged; the Graduate School wants to make the Thesis / Dissertation process as user-friendly as possible.

Instructions for Using the Dissertation and Thesis Templates
Full Template for Dissertations
Lite Template for Dissertations
Full Template for Theses
Lite Template for Theses

Thesis and Dissertation Template for LaTex

This document was created by the Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics. Like the MS Word template, the document comes pre-formatted to the standards set forth in the Thesis and Dissertation Style Guide.

Thesis and Dissertation Template For LaTex

Doctoral Student Surveys at UM

If you are earning your doctorate, the Graduate School requires that you complete two surveys: the UM Doctoral Experience Survey (launched in mid-April 2011) and the NSF Survey of Earned Doctorates. The surveys take approximately twenty minutes and are available at: http://www.gradschool.umd.edu/survey.html.

Both surveys are completely confidential. The UM Doctoral Experience Survey is conducted by the Office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment. Your responses will help improve and enhance the doctoral student experience at UM. Survey of Earned Doctorate information is used by a number of government agencies to assess the state of doctoral education in the U.S., and also to inform their decisions concerning funding of U.S. graduate institutions.

Both surveys are required of all graduating doctoral students and each will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. If you have any questions regarding the content or administration of the surveys, please contact the Office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment at (301) 405-5590 or assessment@umd.edu.

Third-Party Access to Dissertation

Prior to 2010, ProQuest offered doctoral students the option of allowing third parties to acquire the students’ dissertations. Because there was no restriction on whether or not the third party could sell the dissertation, some third parties, such as Amazon, have been doing so.

If you published your dissertation prior to 2010 and would not like third parties to have the ability to acquire your dissertation, you must contact ProQuest via email at info@proquest.com and request that your dissertation (which is under copyright to you) be restricted from sales to third parties. You should expect to receive a response from ProQuest within 48 hours.

If you published your dissertation in 2010 or later, you do not need to worry about this issue. ProQuest stopped offering this option in 2010.