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    Graduate School Staff Directory



    Dr. Charles Caramello, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Graduate School
    (301) 405-0358
    Oversees graduate education at UMD, heads the Graduate School, and chairs the Graduate Council.

    Mr. Jeffrey Franke, Assistant Dean and Chief of Staff
    (301) 405-4205
    Oversees administration and finances of the Graduate School, graduate admissions and enrollment, and the waiver process. Implements policy directives of the Dean and the Graduate Council.

    Dr. Alex Chen, Associate Dean for Academic Standards and Policies
    (301) 405-4901
    Manages Graduate Programs, Curricula, and Courses (PCC), Graduate School Academic Policies, Graduate Council meetings, and Graduate Faculty appointments.

    Dr. Mark Leone, Acting Associate Dean for Fellowships and Awards
    (301) 405-8767
    Oversees Graduate School fellowships, awards, and travel grant programs for graduate students, faculty, and staff.

    Dr. Mark Shayman, Associate Dean for Student Success
    (301) 405-8236
    Oversees Graduate Outcomes Assessment, Writing for Graduate Students, Financial Literacy Workshops, and serves as Faculty Advisor for Graduate Student Government.


    Special Advisors to the Dean

    Dr. Arthur Popper, Senior Faculty Advisor STEM
    (301) 405-1940
    Advises Dean and Senior Staff on matters related to STEM disciplines an dcoordinates special programs.

    Dr. Sally Simpson, Senior Faculty Advisor for Social Sciences
    (301) 405-4726
    Advises Dean and Senior Staff on matters related to Social Science disciplines and coordinates special programs.

    Dean's Office Staff

    Kathleen Worthington, Assistant to the Dean
    (301) 405-0358
    Provides executive administrative support to the Dean, including special projects; coordinates office workflow, priorities, and deadlines; and oversees office management.

    Shama Akhtar, Senior Research Analyst
    (301) 405-0370
    Collects, manages, and analyzes internal and external data on graduate education and graduate students; acts as Graduate School liaison with Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.

    Graduate Assistants
    Assists the general public and graduate program staff with Graduate School admission, policy, and procedure questions.
    (800) 245-GRAD (4723)

    External and Alumni Relations

    Dan Christopher, Director of Development
    (301) 314-1178
    Directs the Graduate School's strategy for alumni relations and fundraising and acts as liaison with UMD Offices of Alumni Relations and Development and with college development offices.

    Niambi Wilder Winter, Communications Officer
    (301) 405-0763
    Develops, and implements the communications strategy for the Graduate School and acts as a liaison with UMD's Office of Marketing and Communications and all communicators across campus.


    Finance and Administration

    Patty Woodwell, Director of Administrative Services
    (301) 405-0814
    Oversees daily operations of the Graduate School, manages Graduate School budget and accounts, graduate fellowship policies and practices, and University, Dean's, and Merit Fellowship Programs.

    Barbara Ferguson, Manager for Fellowships and Tuition Remission
    (301) 405-0371
    Manages fellowship payments and tuition remission for graduate fellows and serves as point-of-contact for inquiries related to fellowships, overloads, and mandatory fees.

    Denise Best, Business Services
    (301) 405-0310
    Assists Director of Administrative Services, managing travel and purchases.

    Judith King, Program Administration Specialist
    (301) 405-0369
    Provides administrative support for external fellowships, tuition remission, and transfer of funds.

    Maria P. Thomas, Coordinator
    (301) 405-0404
    Assists Director of Administrative Services, managing human resources and payroll.


    Office for Graduate Diversity Initiatives

    Dr. Robert E. Steele, Director, Office for Diversity Initiatives
    (301) 405-6732
    Manages recruitment, retention and support initiatives for graduate students from underrepresented minorities, and develops academic initiatives on diversity in graduate education at UMD and beyond.

    Dr. Evelyn Canabal-Torres, Coordinator for Diversity Initiatives
    (301) 405-6453
    Acts as liaison with UMB and UMBC Graduate Schools in our tri-campus alliance PROMISE grant. Coordinates PROMISE events as well as other diversity initiatives for graduate students.


    Office for Graduate International Initiatives

    Valerie Woolston, Executive Director, Office for International Initiatives
    (301) 405-4182
    Develops and manages the Graduate School's educational initiatives in the international arena and advises on initiatives in Europe and Great Britain.

    Chuan Sheng Liu, Senior Faculty Advisor
    (301) 405-4182
    Advises on initiatives in Asia and Southeast Asia

    Saul Sosnowski, Senior Faculty Advisor
    (301) 405-4182
    Advises on issues in Latin America and the Middle East.

    Rikke Weigelt Rosenlund Nielsen, International Intern
    (301) 405-6009
    Assists Executive Director.


    Office for Graduate Fellowships and Awards

    Dr. Mark Leone, Acting Associate Dean for Fellowships and Awards
    (301) 405-8767
    Oversees Graduate School fellowships, awards, and travel grant programs for graduate students, faculty, and staff.

    Robyn Kotzker, Assistant Director for Fellowships and Awards
    (301) 405-0281
    Works closely with the Associate Dean for Fellowships to coordinate all Graduate School students and faculty fellowships, awards, and prizes, including the Goldhaber Travel Award and International Conference Student Support Award.


    Office for Graduate Writing Initiatives

    Dr. Mark Shayman, Acting Director, Office for Writing Initiatives
    (301) 405-8236
    Coordinates the Graduate School’s academic student support initiatives.’s

    Dr. Linda Macri, Director of Graduate Writing and TA Training Initiatives
    (301) 405-3761
    Directs the Graduate School Writing Center and develops initiatives for TA Training on campus.


    Ombuds Office

    Katherine C. McAdams, Associate Professor Emerita and Ombudsman for Graduate Students
    (301) 405-3132
    Serves as an impartial, independent, and confidential resource for graduate students at the University; assists students in resolving difficulties with other students, faculty, and staff.


    Graduate Student Services

    Brian Gharala, Information Technology Coordinator
    (301) 405-0070
    Assists with systems associated with the transition to the new admissions system.

    Anna De Cheke Qualls, Senior Advisor, Admissions Systems
    Manages and oversees transition to the new graduate admissions system.

    Toyin Oguntolu, Coordinator for Admissions and Graduation
    (301) 405-0827
    Processes student admissions; troubleshoots admissions-related problems, including highly technical admissions issues; assists graduate program staff with admissions and graduation issues.

    Greg Sensing, Point of Contact for Admissions
    (301) 405-6296
    Serves as initial point-of-contact for graduate admissions questions, assists graduate program staff with admissions and admissions-related problems.

    Megan Van Son, Manager, Graduate Admissions
    (301) 314-4150
    Manages international graduate student admissions, troubleshoots and resolves international admissions-related problems.

    Teddy Wu, Director, Graduate Information and Systems
    (301) 405-4181
    Oversees and manages Graduate School information and systems technologies.