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Southern Regional Education Board Doctoral Scholar Award (limited submission)

The Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that works side-by-side with policymakers such as state legislators and education agency officials as they implement policies to help students achieve more, prepare students for college and careers, and boost college completion. One important SREB initiative is to increase faculty diversity by offering the SREB Doctoral Scholar Award. The goal of the Doctoral Scholars Award Program is to increase the number of minority students who earn doctorates and choose to become faculty at colleges and universities.

SREB Doctor Scholars receive full-time graduate assistantship support, tuition remission, and payment of mandatory fees (spring and fall) for at least three years. SREB will cover the costs for the SREB Scholar to attend and participate in the Annual Institute on Teaching and Mentoring for each year the student is in the Doctoral Scholars program and will pay for the student’s UMD advisor to attend this conference for one of those years. In addition, SREB Scholars have access to professional development resources and opportunities.

More information about SREB and the Doctoral Scholar Award can be found at  The Graduate School has agreed to become an Institutional Funding Partner for the SREB Doctoral Scholar Award. Eligible students must be nominated to the Graduate School by their program.  

UMD Program support of the SREB Doctoral Scholars program helps to promote a more diverse campus community.  UMD Programs nominate students to the Graduate School for this award.

2020-21 Nomination Instructions


Past Award Winners

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