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UMD Three-Minute Thesis Competition

The 3MT competition challenges students to communicate the significance of their research projects to a non-specialist audience in just THREE MINUTES! The University of Maryland Graduate School invites graduate students from all disciplines to compete in the annual Three-Minute Thesis Competition (3MT).  

The 2020 3MT competition at UMD:  Colleges and Schools will hold the first-round college-level 3MT competitions during the first 2 weeks of March 2020. The Graduate School will hold the Final-Round Campus-Level 3MT Competition during Graduate Research Appreciation Day (GRAD) on April 8, 2020, at 10:00 am and 11:00 am, in Charles Carroll Room in the Stamp Student Union.  

Eligibility Information: Eligible students are doctoral students and master’s students who are doing a research dissertation or thesis.  Register early to take advantage of the resources and workshops available at your college and at the Graduate School.


History and Overview of the 3MT Competition
3MT 2019 Workshop Slides
3MT 2020 Workshop:  January 24, 2020, 10am, 2124 Lee Building - REGISTER HERE

3MT Guidelines                

3MT Registration Form

5 College-Level 3MT Competitions

CMNS: Charles Delwiche   (

ENGR: Nick Slaughter / Min Wu ( /

ARHU: Ralph Bauer / Betsy Yuen ( /
BSOS: Wayne McIntosh / Jessica Rae Deitzer ( /

Overall Coordinator - Alisha Butler (
ARCH: Madlen Simon  (
EDUC: Kerry Ann O'Meara/Lindsey Templeton (
INFO: Katie Shilton / Emily Dacquisto  ( /
JOUR: Ron Yaros / Serap Rada   (

Overall Coordinator - Emily Perison  (

AGNR: Maile Neel   (
BMGT: Justina Blanco  (
PLCY: Taryn Faulkner (
SPHL: Stephen Roth  (

Past 3MT Award Recipients 


Amanda Burkholder, Human Development and Qualitative Methodology

Kyla Cools, Anthropology

Fiona Jardine, Information Studies

Liang Liang, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Suzanne Marselis, Geographical Sciences

Stephanie Yee, Counseling Psychology

Yuhan (Douglas) Rao, Geographical Sciences

Kelsey Gray, Bioengineering

Pravrutha RamanBiological Sciences

Samuel Ramsey, Entomology

Min-A Cho, Physics

Sarah Hirsh, Environmental Science and Technology

Gabriele Betancourt-Martinez, Astronomy

Theresa Smith Chirles, Kinesiology

Pan He, Geographical Sciences

Carly Muletz Wolz, Biological Sciences

Thomas E. Winkler, Bioengineering

Sowmya Subramanian, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Amy Marquardt, Materials Science and Engineering

Zubin Adrianvala, Urban and Regional Planning

Pui Yu Ling, Geographical Sciences

Jason Sinclair, Animal and Avian Sciences