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Society of McNair Fellows

Ronald E. McNair Graduate Fellowship

Through the Ronald E. McNair Graduate Fellowship Programthe Graduate School provides a select number of undergraduate McNair scholars who attend UMD for their graduate studies with an award that enhances the program's support package with an additional $40,000 over 4 years.  Since the inauguration of the McNair Graduate Fellowship program, 36 exceptional students have been recruited to UMD.


Society of McNair Fellows "In the News"

Society of McNair Fellows Established

Profile on Past McNair Fellow Marisa Franco, PhD

TLPL Doctoral Student Autumn Griffin Receives Grant to Present Research in Georgia 

Mark Lockwood and Zachary Castillo Panelists at 19th Annual UMD McNair National Conference 

Public Health Projects Featured at Graduate Research Appreciation Day

Mark Lockwood was awarded the John Money Fellowship for Scholars of Sexology at the Kinsey Institute




Meet the Fellows

2011-2012 ARHU   Ilyas Omar Abukar AMST    
2011-2012 ARHU   Derek Leininger HIST    
2011-2012 ARHU   Melissa Susan Rogers, PhD WMST Graduated with PhD PhD 2017
2011-2012 EDUC   Shelby Patricia Cooley, PhD EDHD Graduated with PhD PhD 2015
2011-2012 BSOS  

Marisa Franco, PhD

PSYC Graduated with PhD PhD 2017
2012-2013 ARHU  

Donnesha Alexandra Blake, PhD

WMST Graduated with PhD  PhD 2018
2012-2013 ARHU  

Kimberley Hannah

2012-2013 ARHU   Robert De'Von Jiles AMST    
2012-13 EDUC  

Nana Afua Yeboaa Brantuo

2012-13 ARHU   David Irwin HIST Graduated with Masters Masters 2016
2012-13 BSOS  

Bryant Best

SOCY Graduated with Masters Masters 2014
2013-14 BSOS  

Tuesday Barnes

2013-14 BSOS  

Moriah Willow

2013-14 CMNS  

James Dottin

2013-14 ARHU   Norrell Edwards ENGL    
2013-14 BSOS  

Magda Mankel

ANTH   Masters 2016
2013-14 ARCH   Angela Martinez URPD Graduated with Masters Masters 2015
2014-15 ARHU  

Anna Storti

2014-15 SPHL  

Lauren Ramsey

2014-15 ARHU   Shoji Sanders AMST    
2015-16 ARHU   Natalie (Nat) Baldino WMST    
2015-16 EDUC   Camille Fair Bumbray TLPL    
2015-16 ARHU   Jacqueline Partida AMST    
2015-16 CMNS   Sandra Zebraze CHEM    
2016-17 EDUC  

Gabriella Estevez

2016-17 EDUC   Autumn Griffin TLPL    
2017-18 CMNS   Alejandro Beltran CHEM    
2017-18 CMNS   Jisoo Shin CHEM    
2017-18 SPHL  

Lakeshia Watson

2017-18 CMNS  

Zachary Castillo

2017-18 ARHU  

Mark Lockwood


Blake Edwards-Clark


Nicholas Dzuricky


Julieta Ferrera


Andrés Macías


Cassandra Philippon


Mary Johnson


Alexis Young


Courtney Douglass





AY 18-19 Session Dates, Times, and Titles

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

"Welcome Lunch for New McNair Fellows" 

Thursday, September 27, 2018

"Networking Lunch and Society of McNair Fellows Peer Mentoring Program Orientation"

Friday, October 19, 2018

"Networking Night for all New and Returning McNair Fellows"

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

"Culturally Competent Mentorship and Peer Mentoring Communities" by guest speaker Dr. Alexis Williams 

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

McNair and Flagship Fellows Holiday Party

Monday, February 4, 2019

Lunch for McNair Fellows

Monday, February 18, 2019

Writing Retreat for all McNair Fellows

Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at 1pm

Special Driskell Center exhibition showing, Posing Beauty in African American Culture, with Deputy Director Dorit Yaron

Thursday, March 28, 2019 - 6:00-7:30 pm

Practicing Resilience in Graduate School and Preventing Burnout: A Health Wellness Model by Dr. Jennifer Roberts




Apply to be a Society of McNair Fellows Peer Mentor

The Graduate School's Office of Graduate Diversity and Inclusion is currently accepting applications for the Society of McNair Fellows Peer-To-Peer Mentoring Program.  To be considered for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019, please submit an application by August 31, 2018.  Only second year and above McNair Fellows are eligible to apply.

McNair Mentoring Fellows are a select group of graduate students who have demonstrated mastery of mentorship or interest in learning more about mentorship as future faculty in their fields or disciplines and an aptitude for peer mentorship. Past experience with mentoring is preferable, though not essential. 

In recognition of their service, The Graduate School's Office of Graduate Diversity and Inclusion seeks to support McNair Mentoring fellows’ research. Fellows receive $500 per semester to use toward research and conference travel, books, software for data management, etc.  One-year commitment preferred.  McNair Mentoring Fellows apply for one or two semesters and must reapply each year in order to be considered for best match with incoming McNair Fellow. A limited number of fellows will be selected based on number of incoming fellows.

McNair Mentoring Fellows:

1) Commit to work one-on-one with an incoming McNair Fellow graduate student for two-four hours per week in a personable and supportive manner.

2) Meet once a month with other Society of McNair Fellows (during designated sessions organized by Christopher Pérez and Robyn Kotzker).

3) Facilitate workshops and small groups with the Society of McNair Fellows Program under the leadership and coordination of Christopher Pérez.

4) Participate in Mentoring training sessions.

5) Select and develop a mentoring project over the course of the semester/year that you can add to your CV.

McNair Mentoring Fellows are highly valued by the Graduate School. This new program is intended to bring new and returning McNair Fellows together, create community, provide leadership in mentoring best practices, and develop training on mentorship for future faculty. Selection as a McNair Mentoring fellow indicates exceptional performance in a student’s field and notable potential as a future faculty member and/or practicing professional.

To Apply:

Submit a letter of interest discussing your mentoring vision or mentorship philosophy (no more than two pages double-spaced) and a current CV to Christopher Pérez ( Please indicate if you would like to commit to one or two semesters. You will also need to provide two letters of support, one from a faculty member and one from the director of graduate studies in your department or program (sent directly from the recommender).  Please contact Christopher Pérez for additional information.