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New Campus Tradition: Candidacy Tea

December 12, 2018

The Graduate School held its first-ever Candidacy Tea for doctoral students last week. The occasion celebrated the achievement to candidacy for over 300 graduate students who reached this milestone between June 1 and November 1 of this year.  The event was attended by about 40 graduate students, their advisors and deans.

"It is officially the time when a graduate student pivots from being a consumer of knowledge to a creator of knowledge. It's a sacred rite of passage that we as a graduate community must honor and applaud," says Jeffrey Franke, Assistant Dean and Chief of Staff.

For those who will achieve candidacy between December 1 and May 1, 2019, a Candidacy Tea will be hosted by President Wallace Loh at the University House.

(Photo credits: Amanda Strausser)

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