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Mental Health Support Services for GradTerps

February 16, 2022

The mental health of our graduate community is important to our collective success. The Graduate School offers the following supportive resources for Faculty, staff, and graduate students who are in distress:

Graduate School Academic Counselor

Simone Warrick-Bell, the Graduate School’s Graduate Academic Counselor, is available to support GradTerps with:

  • Assistance navigating taking a leave of absence: If students are contemplating taking a leave of absence and want to review the application process and or impact of a leave of absence, please contact the Graduate Academic Counselor.

  • Returning from a leave of absence: If students are returning from a leave of absence, please contact Simone to assist with completing the Return from Leave of Absence Form.

  • Warm Referral: Individual meeting where Simone can discuss insurance, availability, and preferences then she will contact therapists on your behalf

Graduate Counseling Groups

The Counseling Center is offering a number of counseling groups specifically geared toward graduate students. These groups are a great way for students to connect with others, learn about themselves, improve their mental health, and receive support. An intake appointment is required to participate in the groups. The groups are free to registered graduate students. If graduate students are interested in any groups, please contact the counseling center at 301-314-7651 to schedule an intake appointment. The schedule of Spring 2022 group sessions can be accessed at

Meditation Sessions

The Health Center has daily online meditation groups which vary in topic.  Students can go to to register for the groups and learn more about the meditation sessions.

Helping Students In Distress Workshop Exclusively for Faculty and Staff

Helping Students in Distress Workshop, exclusively for faculty and staff, this semester. This workshop will address common student mental health concerns, ways to communicate about mental health with students, available mental health resources (including the Counseling Center) and how to refer them to support services, and methods of coping for everyone involved. 

Zoom Dates and Time:

Additional Important Resources

  • Red Folder: If you think someone is in crisis, please utilize the Red Folder to assist with referring the student to the appropriate services.

  • 24/7 Counseling: Graduate students should be aware the Counseling Center is available to support students 24/7 and can be contacted at 301-314-7651.

  • BETA: If you are concerned about a student's behavior and/or they have made concerning statements, please contact the BETA Team.

  • Contact Campus Police: In the unfortunate event a student threatens to cause harm to themselves or someone else, please contact campus police by dialing 911 immediately. If you are teleworking, you can contact campus police by dialing 301-405-3333.

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